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Keir Starmer to attack SNP use of zero-hour contracts in Rutherglen by-election

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Keir Starmer will launch an attack on the SNP's reported use of zero-hour contracts in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election on a campaign visit today.The UK Labour leader will say it is "insulting" that the SNP hired workers on the precarious contracts to hand out leaflets.He will add the practice "runs totally counter to the asks of people across Rutherglen and Hamilton West - for security in work, secure family finances, and fairness in exchange for hard work."It comes after one leafleter allegedly told a local resident: “I don’t support the SNP — I’m just getting paid to hand this sh**e out."It’s a zero-hours contract as well.”The SNP has blasted zero-hour contracts as "exploitative" in the past and admitted the distribution of the leaflets "was outsourced to a reputable third-party business."Starmer is expected to say on a visit to the constituency: “It is fantastic to be here in Rutherglen and Hamilton West and the energy and optimism that I have seen today is something to behold.“This by-election is of monumental significance.

For far too long the people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West have been let down by two incompetent governments that don’t speak for you, and a rule-breaking MP who refused to do the right thing.“Next Thursday voters in Rutherglen and Hamilton West can say enough is enough.

You can vote for change and you can elect a local champion in Michael Shanks who will put our two failing governments on notice.“Labour is once again the party of working people and ready to serve the people of the UK“We can tackle the cost of living crisis, put money in working people’s pockets and make work pay.“I know the importance of respect for a day’s graft.

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