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Spider experts share eight ways to keep creepy crawlies out of your home this summer

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Although it’s not spider mating season yet, you may be horrified to hear there will still be plenty of the often-dreaded eight-legged critters hiding in your home.Because while you’re more likely to see them when they’re looking for mates during autumn, they’ve probably been residing in your house all year.

And as it’s currently warm and wet, there are plenty of insects around – and that means spiders may be looking for a good meal.But don’t worry, having spiders in your home is a good thing, according to the experts.“While many people fear these eight-legged beasts, they are beneficial to have around,” insists Paul Blackhurst, head of technical academy at Rentokil Pest Control. “Flies and other insects are a source of food for spiders, which means they provide a natural form of pest control.”Blackhurst says that with around 650 species of arachnids in the UK, there are less than a dozen that can commonly be seen in our homes, including the lesser house spider, which can grow to up to 20mm long, and the giant house spider, which can reach 25mm."Both these species are reluctant to bite, preferring to escape to undisturbed corners," says Blackhurst.False widow spiders are increasingly being sighted in the UK too, but they’re nocturnal, and rarely come out during the day, says Blackhurst.

He said: "They prefer to be hidden away in cracks close to their web, and generally they are solitary, preferring a dry warm environment where they will not be disturbed."The expert says false widows can bite if squeezed or accidentally provoked, but this is rare and the bite usually only causes temporary pain of similar intensity to a wasp or bee sting.Get the latest news sent straight to your messages by joining our WhatsApp community

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