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Nick Cave shares advice on confidence to hopeful teenage singer

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Nick Cave has responded to a hopeful teenage singer who was looking for advice on confidence.17-year-old Eugenio from Rome, Italy spoke about his lack of confidence in his singing for his band’s forthcoming EP and asked the Bad Seeds singer on his Red Hand Files blog whether he should wait until he creates something he is 100 per cent proud of or just record and publish what they already have.“I don’t know if I want to record and publish an EP that I’ve been working on with a band with some friends of mine and that I’m very proud of for what regards the instrumental part,” began the fan’s message. “But I know that my singing could be better and that I could wait a little bit more to create something I’m 100 per cent proud of, but still I don’t want to wait anymore because we have the chance of recording in a great studio and I don’t want to slow down the process.

What should I do?”Cave went on to explain that he became a singer, not because he was talented and shared how he was often referred to as the ‘unmusical’ one in his friend group, but because he had the “tenacity to stand up in front of people, replete with nothing but lack and swagger, and blithely step into the condemnation of those who had the misfortune to hear me.”“I sang and sang and sang some more, because I knew that that was what singers did.

Eventually I found a voice that I could call my own, and that could mostly carry a tune. Through this I learned something valuable – a kind of defiant resilience to the messages, mostly in my own head, that told me my singing could be better.

I got tough and protective of my vision and learned that the thing that ‘could be better’ was actually the ever-vital energy that propelled me forward,” he added.“If your.

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