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'My life with Curtis Warren and the Cali Cartel'

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Stephen Mee's life of crime started small. As a child growing up as one of nine siblings in 1970s Newton Heath he would go shoplifting just to help put food on the table.

In his teenage years he graduated to stealing and ringing cars. But by the early 90s he was trafficking millions of pounds of cannabis and cocaine across Europe with Curtis Warren and the Colombian narcos.

How did a petty criminal from north Manchester become one of the UK's most notorious drug traffickers? READ MORE: Curtis Warren: The 30 rules drug trafficker and killer known by Interpol as 'Target One' must obey Growing up 'poor' in north Manchester, Mee says he committed his first crime aged nine when he burgled his own school.

Then he began shoplifting in the local Tesco. "It's been a life of struggle I suppose all the way," he told Sky TV documentary Liverpool Narcos. "It's the same in all poor areas, that if you've not got enough food what do you do?" By aged 13, he was in Foston Hall young offenders institution in Derbyshire for stealing cars.

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