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Disney Exec Explains Decision to End 'Station 19'

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Disney Television Group President Craig Erwich gave an interview where he spoke about the upsetting cancellation of Station 19 at ABC.

If you don’t know, the hit show is coming to an end at the end of this upcoming season, and fans have been devastated over this decision. Keep reading to find out more… When asked about the decision to end the series, Erwich shared with Deadline, “Well, every show has its own journey so to speak.

In the case of Station 19, it was time to bring that story to an end. I love Station 19, and I think what’s amazing about Station 19 is that it was yes, a spinoff of Grey’s.

But it really became its own show that stood on its own creatively and was fully realized and unique unto itself, and we’ve been very proud to have it on the air.

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