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She stole £35,000, gave money to family and bought luxury clothes... meanwhile five workers were 'laid off because of her'

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At least five people had to be made redundant after a newly-employed assistant accountant stole more than £35,000 from work, a court has heard.

Business owner, Aria Taheri said the actions of Sarah Cunningham 'left a trail of destruction' before he ultimately had to sell his business at a loss.

Cunningham, 41, had been working for Velo Systems for less than four weeks when she first transferred money from the company account into another account she had set up.

Five minutes after she was first asked about the missing money by the company accountant, Cunningham said her mum had been 'rushed into hospital after suffering a stroke' and she had to leave work. READ MORE: "She's just a drama queen": Pint-size gran beat up her 18-stone neighbour AND his wife...

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