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Shakira Settles Tax Fraud Case On First Day Of Trial By Paying MASSIVE Fine To Avoid Possible Prison Time!

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Shakira is avoiding the possibility of prison time in her tax fraud dispute involving the nation of Spain! On Monday, the first day of the Colombian-born singer’s tax fraud trial began in Barcelona.

But before things could really get going on the allegations that she supposedly skipped out on paying taxes to Spain while living there in the 2010s, everything came to a screeching halt!

Because Shakira settled things up ASAP! Related: Shakira Fans Roast Gerard Piqué For Falling Into Stage Hole! Oops!! Per the BBC, the New York Times, and others, the 46-year-old singer cut a deal with Spanish prosecutors to end the mess and avoid any possible prison time if she were to have been found guilty.

According to those outlets, the deal is pretty steep in terms of a payday for Spain: Shakira gets a three-year suspended sentence and a fine equivalent to $7.5 million USD.

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