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Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello says dynamic ticket pricing is an “awful idea”

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Tom Morello has discussed the ticket prices for Rage Against The Machine‘s recent reunion tour, saying that dynamic ticket pricing is an “awful idea”.The band reunited last year for a number of US gigs, but ended up cancelling dozens of  shows in the wake of frontman Zack de la Rocha injuring his leg onstage last July.In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Morello asked the journalist if he could “check a couple of boxes surrounding the U.S.

tour and some misunderstandings around them”.Firstly, he hit out at “foolish” reports of vaccine mandates at Rage shows, saying: “No fans at any show in the history of Rage Against the Machine have ever had a vaccination requirement to be in the room.”Then, he discussed criticism of the tour’s ticket prices, and how the band employed controversial dynamic pricing. “I think by this point, I think everybody is familiar with the awful idea of dynamic ticket pricing,” Morello said. “There was that big uproar with Springsteen and this one and that one.

Just to reiterate, every ticket for the show was $125 (£100) with the exception of about five to ten percent of tickets, which we did the dynamic ticket prices with, and gave away every cent.” He explained: “Every penny over $125 went to charities in those cities.

In New York City, we raised over a million dollars for activist organisation charities. “There was a total of about six or seven million raised on that tour in what was basically a Robin Hood tactic.

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