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Psychologist lists 10 'critical' plane etiquette mistakes passengers often make

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Sharing a flight with hundreds of other passengers can be stressful, especially when they are not considerate of others.According to experts, there are some behaviours that flyers should avoid to ensure that everyone on board has a pleasant journey..

Not only are these tips about your own personal comfort, but they also focus on conveying a sense of respect and safety, according to experts.According to travel specialists at Ski Vertigo, there are 10 common practices that are better left at the gate.

Citing advice from qualified psychologist Alex Dyer, these are "critical mistakes" that passengers can be unknowingly guilty of making, reports Bristol Live.From being disruptive to spreading your belongings everywhere, to disregarding cabin crew or having too much booze, read below for the full list to ensure you're the best passenger on your next trip.Suddenly reclining your seat can surprise the person behind you, potentially causing their drink to spill or damaging their belongings, such as laptops.

A quick glance and a gentle recline show consideration for their space and comfort.Rushing to board or leave the plane creates congestion and stress.

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