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People are just realising your oven door can be removed to clean it

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Ovens can be a nightmare to clean due to their small and awkward size, however a recent viral hack shows a quick trick which could make the process a little easier.

A lot of ovens can have their door removed, making cleaning a bit more simple and straightforward.Being able to remove the door means that you won't have to contort yourself around it and will be able to get a closer look at any grimy spots which can be promptly scrubbed.

The revelation was recently shared to social media by TikTok user @that40yearguy, who shares hacks which he wishes he would have known sooner.The clip went viral, bringing in more than 28 million views and 3.4 million likes from people who also didn't know about this trick.

As reported by the Mirror, the man saw another TikTok user showing off the hack and had to give it a go for himself.Responding to the clip, he said: "You're telling me for 40 years of refusing to clean my oven because I didn't want to lay across the door, it was that easy to just take it off?

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