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Mrs Hinch fans share 'effortless' way to clean shower screens that costs just £1.50

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Mrs Hinch fans have discovered a 'brilliant' cleaning item you can buy from Tesco that 'removes water marks' from shower screens and is 'effortless' to use.

Cleaning the shower can be tough, but this cheap tool makes it easier. Even better, you won't have to rely on any harsh chemicals to deal with the tough stains.

You may already have the handy tool at home, as it can be used for a number of different household cleaning tasks. But if you don't, they often cost less than £2 and can be picked up from most supermarkets.

Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have urged people to step away from the harsh bathroom chemicals and use a £1.50 Dishmatic from Tesco to get rid of streaks and soap scum.

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