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Morrisons basic item up by 20 per cent in a fortnight

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Morrisons has increased the price of a basic shopping item by 20% in the last fortnight. We've been tracking the cost of the same eight items in the six same supermarkets for almost a year now to see where you can pick up the basics for less.

While some prices have fluctuated throughout that time they've mostly been on the up. Read more: Plan for 30 hours free childcare for under fives goes 'down like a lead balloon' Back in March 2022, the cheapest place for the shopping was Aldi, at £9.13, closely followed by Lidl's £9.14.

Almost 12 months later and the cheapest, Lidl, is £11.54. That's for tea bags, coffee, a two-pint bottle of milk, a loaf of bread, a pack of chicken breasts, a pack of mince, beans and butter.

This week is one of very few weeks where there's been just one price rise, with Morrisons putting its 500g pack of mince up from £2.19 to a whopping £2.39.

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