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Film Fans Keep Splurging on Blockbusters in Imax, So Why Hasn’t Wall Street Gotten on Board?

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THE TRIP TO Baden-Baden didn’t go as planned. Last summer, Imax CEO Rich Gelfond touched down in the German city for a conference of theater owners, looking to hype the blockbusters that were about to unspool on the company’s football-field-sized screens.

But instead of excitement, Gelfond was greeted with outrage. “I was almost attacked,” he remembers, lifting his palm as if to ward off assailants.

All the sound and fury directed at Gelfond that day stemmed from a battle that had recently erupted in Hollywood between two top talents.

At stake had been access to Imax’s screens: Tom Cruise and Christopher Nolan had both wanted them in July, among the busiest times for moviegoing.

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