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Coco Gauff reacts to online criticism after Law Roach interview: ‘I know I’m not a model’

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Coco Gauff is opening up about the online criticism following her Vogue cover, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

During a recent interview on the Cutting Room Floor podcast, Law Roach was asked about his opinions on the iconic photographer, as she most recently photographed Zendaya.

And while the stylist praised Leibovitz’s work, the host mentioned other photoshoots, including Coco Gauff’s latest cover with the publication.Coco Gauff reveals the impact of the Williams sisters; I couldn’t have done it ‘if it wasn’t for them’Zendaya revives Cindy Crawford’s Classic 1991 tennis dress for Milan appearanceCoco Gauff and coach Brad Gilbert reunite after he coached Zendaya for ‘Challengers’“I will say that there has been a lot of back and forth and uproar on people’s opinions on how Annie shoots Black women,” the stylist said when asked about the photographer. “The last two shoots that I remember Annie doing is Coco, which I thought it was beautiful,” he added.“No it wasn’t,” the host responded, before Law said he liked Zendaya’s photoshoot as well. “I thought Coco’s was pretty,” he insisted.

The viral clip from the interview was watched by Coco, who commented on the way the interviewer had talked about the cover.“I understand your take but when criticizing please consider the people on the cover’s feelings.

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