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Obama’s Star Power Overshadows the Worthwhile Message of Docuseries ‘Working: What We Do All Day’: TV Review
Alison Herman TV Critic In 2020, the Academy Award for Documentary Feature went to “American Factory,” a portrait of a former General Motors plant taken over by Fuyao, a Chinese company that lowered safety standards and pay while fiercely resisting unionization. The Oscar was a victory not just for filmmakers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, but for the company that acquired “American Factory” as its first major feature: Higher Ground, the production outfit of former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. The new Netflix series “Working” — subtitle: “What We Do All Day” — is inspired by the Studs Terkel book of the same name, published in 1974. But it’s also an informal sequel of sorts to “American Factory,” making many of the same points about the evolution of labor and the erosion of the middle class. “Working” also shares with its predecessor the same inherent tensions that stem directly from the Obamas’ sign-on. In the case of “Working,” the country’s 44th commander in chief is more than just a name in the credits; he’s also the narrator and on-camera host, reprising his dual role from prior Higher Ground series “Our Great National Parks.” That hands-on involvement only underlines the nature of “Working,” and Higher Ground projects as a whole. It’s a stand-alone political message that’s also a piece of a larger political legacy. Inevitably, the latter overshadows and complicates the former.
Lois Griffin beat Michelle Obama, Beyoncé in favorite mom poll
Family Guy’s Lois Griffin has been voted the nation’s favorite mom – beating Katy Perry, Beyonce and even Michelle Obama.Ahead of this Mother’s Day, the top 50 moms were voted for in a poll of 2,000 adults which found Serena Williams, Morticia Addams and soon-to-be mom-of-two, Rihanna, also making the list.Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Goldie Hawn were also among the well-known names which came in top.When asked what makes a good mom, 41% said it was their ability to multi-task while 46% said being supportive was key to successful parenting.Commissioned by brioche brand St Pierre and conducted by OnePoll, it emerged the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie featured in the top 10 most voted when respondents were asked who they would like to be their mom.Meanwhile, Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch were voted in the top 20 most iconic moms of all time.When it comes to feeling inspired by famous mothers, sense of humor, general outlook on life and parenting styles were cited as the top reasons for this.With Marge Simpson, Cersei Lannister and Khloe Kardashian landing in the top 20 for those who people have based their own parenting tactics on.“Moms are the most important people in our lives, so ahead of Mother’s Day – which this year coincides with National Brioche Day – we thought it would be interesting to find out who the nation’s favorite moms – both fictional and real – are,” a spokesperson for bakery brand, St Pierre, said. In terms of what makes a memorable famous mom, confidence, likeability and career were cited as the most popular reasons.But 43% even went as far to say it was their name which made them noteworthy, with 40% highlighting famous catchphrases or
Watch Michelle Obama join Bruce Springsteen to perform ‘Glory Days’ at Barcelona gig
Bruce Springsteen to perform his song ‘Glory Days’ at a gig in Barcelona last night (April 28).The former first lady sang and played a tambourine to the ‘Born In The U.S.A’ classic alongside Springsteen’s wife and E Street Band member Patti Scialfa, and actress Kate Capshaw.As reported by Consequence, the previous night Springsteen, Scialfa, Capshaw and Capshaw’s husband, the director Steven Spielberg, dined with Barack and Michelle Obama at a restaurant in the Spanish city.Michelle Obama dancing at tonight’s Springsteen concert in Barcelona pic.twitter.com/en0G74x16d— SpringsteenPitQ (@SpringsteenPit) April 28, 2023Ojo ahí @MichelleObama dándolo todo #GloryDays @springsteen #EStreetBand https://t.co/hddx4roRkM pic.twitter.com/fOkyddnwgs— Todo Esto Existe (@todoestoexiste) April 28, 2023Michelle Obama i Kate Capshaw, dona d’Steven Spielberg, coristes de luxe al concert de @springsteen a l’Estadi Olímpic #inforac1 #Springsteenbarcelona pic.twitter.com/gKNoPUFYe3— Maria Cusó Serra (@MariaCuso) April 28, 2023Springsteen and the Obamas’ relationship goes back to 2008 when Barack first ran for US president. The rock star played several of Obama’s early campaign rallies as well as his inauguration.Springsteen also helped Barack during his 2012 re-election campaign by writing his official campaign theme song.In other news, Springsteen And The E Street Band recently announced the support acts for their BST Hyde Park shows in London.The Boss shared the three acts that will be joining his band on July 6 and 8.