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Car parking tickets that 'can go straight in the bin' as expert explains how to appeal charge

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Returning to your vehicle only to find a parking charge notice can be incredibly frustrating, but one expert says that that certain parking tickets can be ignored entirely.

Lucia Ariano, a video reporter for consumer advice service Which? has shared in a social media video that people can contest a parking ticket if the signs are unclear, if the charge exceeds a certain amount, or if there's a valid reason for the parking in question.She further explained that if the parking company isn't a member of an accredited trading association - either the British Parking Association or the Independent Parking Committee - the fine can be disregarded.

Lucia stated: "[The company] won't be able to get your details from the DVLA to make you pay."In a TikTok video originally shared last year, she said: "Some parking tickets can go straight in the bin.

Really. And others can be disputed - so let's break it down."You can appeal, say, if the signs aren't clear, if you're charged more than £100 pounds, or if you have a mitigating reason like ill health or your vehicle broke down."She said the "big question" appealers should ask is whether the parking company is "a member of an accredited trade association" which include the British Parking association (BPA), or the Independent Trade Committee (IPC).

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