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Beyoncé Announces Country-Themed ‘Renaissance Part II’ Album in Verizon Super Bowl Ad

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Jem Aswad Executive Editor, Music In an elaborate series of teaser videos, Beyonce has announced the long-awaited Part II of her 2022 “Renaissance” album — and as long rumored, it appears to be a country-leaning album, due March 29.

In the elaborate, self-referencing ad, we see Beyonce scrolling through songs on an iphone, then at a lemonade stand (referencing her 2016 classic album of the same name), following with a series of plays on her name: “Barbey,” referencing Barbie, “BOTUS,” saying she’ll be the first female president, then the first woman to launch the first rocket for the first woman in space.A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) Finally, she says, “OK, they ready — drop the new music.

I told y’all the ‘Renaissance’ is not over,” she concludes. A look at Beyonce’s Instagram page reveals the final teaser video, which includes the album title and release date.

There is also a billboard and a car license plate that read “Texas Hold ‘Em,” referencing the poker game named after the singer’s home state, and possibly a song title.

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