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Alarming clue night before couple were poisoned by bed bugs spray in Egypt hotel

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The heartbroken granddaughter of a couple who died at an Egyptian hotel has told of an alarming clue she noticed the night before their death.John and Susan Cooper were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning caused by fumes from a pesticide being used in their luxury hotel to kill bed bugs.Molly, who shared a room with her grandparents on the holiday, said she noticed a 'disgusting smell' hours before the horror discovery.

One night a “disgusting smell” prompted her to move to her mum’s room, reports the mirror.Her mum Kelly Ormerod said: “I thought Molly had eaten something funny.

She looked peaky but said the smell of my mum and dad’s room was making her feel sick.”John, who walked Molly to Kelly’s room, showed no sign of illness. “Dad was fine,” she said. “I thanked him for bringing Molly, kissed him goodnight and he walked back to his room to go to sleep.” The next day, when her parents were not on their sun loungers as usual by 8.30am, Kelly became worried.John answered her knock but she said he was “incredibly unsteady on his feet”.

She recalled: “As soon as he opened the door, I could smell vomit and he was slurring his words. He told me they were feeling rotten.

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