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Retro Asian Sex Help Prescribed by Netflix’s ‘Doctor Climax’ – Trailer

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Patrick Frater Asia Bureau Chief Netflix probes issues of sex education and societal taboos in Asia back in the 1970s in new series “Doctor Climax,” which it will upload from June 13.

Supposedly drawn from real events, the show’s central character is a skin doctor who dreams of becoming a novelist. In the meantime, he moonlights as a newspaper sex-help columnist operating behind a pseudonym.

A trailer gives viewers a taste of the sex and intimacy questions – including masturbation, premature ejaculation, foreplay, and STDs – that its protagonist fields.

Storylines are inspired by actual letters from well-known newspaper columns of the era. The doctor also begins an extra-marital affair with a woman at the paper’s art department, which threatens to cause a scandal.Produced by Grammy Studios, the eight-part show is written by Kongdej Jaturanrasmee, writer and producer of the hit Netflix film “Hunger,” and co-directed by Jaturanrasmee and Pairach Khumwan (Netflix series, “Girl From Nowhere”).

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