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Meryl Streep reveals her favorite love scene was with this Hollywood legend, admits she ‘didn’t want it to end’

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per Variety. “We’ve seen so many scenes of people f——, but we don’t see that loving touch, that care.”While speaking at Cannes, Streep recalled that filming the scene initially wasn’t very pleasant.

According to the UK Metro, she told the crowd that she and Redford, now 87, were warned by the production to be wary of potentially dangerous wild animals nearby.“We had lions, but they were imported from California and they were supposedly fine — tame.

They were not,” the actress said, per the outlet.“And the second thing we were told is the animal that kills the most people in Africa is the hippopotamus, if you get between the hippopotamus and the water,” she added.“So we were shooting in the river and the hippopotamus were right above it.

I don’t know if they show that in the movie, I can’t remember, but I was aware of it!”Streep recalled that Redford was worried about their safety and wasn’t washing her hair well at first.“It wasn’t good,” she admitted.However, Streep’s longtime hair stylist and makeup artist Roy Hellund jumped in and demonstrated how he typically washed the actress’s hair, which Streep described as “the best part of my day.”“Redford took the lesson, and he just really got into it, and he was great,” Streep recalled. “By take five I was so in love!’“I didn’t want it to end that day, even in spite of the hippos,” she added.Directed by Sydney Pollack, “Out of Africa” was based on Karen Blixen’s 1937 autographical book of the same name.

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