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Lizzy Caplan on Her Surprise ‘Party Down’ Cameo and Hopes for Season 4: ‘They Would Have to Tie Me to the Train Tracks to Keep Me Away’

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Ethan Shanfeld SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains spoilers from the finale of “Party Down,” currently airing on Starz and streaming on the Starz app. The team behind “Party Down” have been lying through their teeth, and for good reason.

All this time, while promoting the third season of the cater-waiter cult comedy — which returned to Starz 13 years after its initial cancellation — the cast and co-creators have fielded questions about the absence of Lizzy Caplan, the only original star to not appear in Season 3.  “Lizzy was booked throughout the entire window that we had,” creator and EP John Enbom previously told Variety. “She was very bummed that she was not able to join us.

And we were bummed, too — we really liked working with her.” But they were hiding a trick up their sleeves, as Caplan makes a shocking cameo at the end of the season’s sixth and final episode. “I can’t believe that they were able to keep it a secret,” Caplan marveled about the post-credits scene in an interview with Variety. “There are no secrets these days!” In the scene, Henry (Adam Scott) is prepping food at a Hollywood press junket when in walks Casey (Caplan), who in the time between Seasons 2 and 3 has become a famous actor.

Casey is out in L.A. to promote her “terrible” new show, “The Stabilizer,” and, after her chance encounter with her ex-flame, promises to hang out with Henry next time she’s in town, “which will be very soon because I’m about to quit this fucking thing.” Caplan, along with Enbom and co-creator Rob Thomas, spoke with Variety ahead of the finale to dish on how they shot the surprise cameo in one day — and to tease how Casey might play into a potential Season 4. Lizzy, your absence from Season 3 of “Party Down” was

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