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Jennifer Hudson says her father had 27 children and she still hasn’t met all of them

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Jennifer Hudson spoke in a recent interview about the fact that she has at least 26 siblings, and she is still yet to meet some of them.The EGOT winner revealed on Your Mama’s Kitchen podcast that as a teenager she became aware of the fact her father had many children.She explained: “Apparently, he had 27 children.”The Dreamgirls star also opened up about her relationships with her siblings, and how she had always wanted to spend time with them, including those she hadn’t met yet.“It was my dream to have all of us at this grand Thanksgiving or Christmas table,” she shared.“And we all sit and eat together — that was my goal at 16,” she added.Back in 2019, Hudson spoke with The Guardian about her uniquely large family, detailing that there are 11 boys and 16 girls.“I’m the youngest, or at least in the last two or three.

And it was always my dream – because I love family – to have a giant table with all my siblings. Just imagine the giant table!” the Cats star said.She then revealed how when she turned 15, she and her sister went looking for their dad, after being primarily raised by their mother, Darnell Donerson. “Once we found him, he moved in with us and never left us until he died,” Hudson shared.“His name was Sam.

He was supposed to drive me to college, but he passed before he could. That was when I was 16.”She also shared in 2019 how she had met “not all, but quite a few” of her siblings..

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