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Editors Guild Unanimously Ratifies New Nickelodeon Contact

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EXCLUSIVE: Now at 140 days of the Writers Guild being on strike, the scribes and the studios and streamers are sitting down face-to-face this week to try again to  hammer out a deal on a new contract.

Simultaneously, with almost all production shut down, today marks the 67th day that SAG-AFRA have been out on the picket lines too.

However, not all of Hollywood is in labor strife today. The Motion Picture Editors Guild have ratified a new deal with Nickelodeon.

The agreement was approved unanimously on September 14 over Zoom, I’m told Approximately 70 post-production members of the Cathy Repola-led guild are affected by the new four-year contract “Witnessing this kind of solidarity throughout this challenging process was awe-inspiring, Repola told Deadline today of the conclusion of the six-month effort to make a deal with the Paramount Global-owned outlet. “It was such an honor for our team to represent them and to help them achieve a contract they are proud of.

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