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Bubblegum Nails Are the Most-Coveted Mani for Spring 2024

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cute for spring.Sheer pink and pale pink have become the go-to uniform of looking for something soft and subtle, but if you want to keep the clean look while introducing a little more color into your look, bubblegum nails are where it's at.As the name suggests, the trend taps into a bubblegum pink color palette, taking things a little brighter than French pinks.

But to keep it fresh, delicate and dewy, the look also channels a slightly sheer, see-through bubblegum texture (like when you blow a bubble versus fresh out of the wrapper).It's a subtle shift, but we don't need here to explain how the nuances between the two shades can shift the whole mood (remember cerulean, people).

The cheery pink channels pure spring vibes and it adds and adorable edge to a mani that still feels polished and sophisticated.There's plenty of ways to wear the trend.

We've seen them served up short, long, sheer, square and squoval. Most recently luxury nail artist created a cute, short set for her celebrity client .

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