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Beatles tribute concert at cathedral triggers audience walkout over “wall of noise”

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Beatles tribute concert led to concertgoers walking out of the venue, according to new reports.The gig took place at the 1,000-year-old Winchester Cathedral, and saw numerous attendees leave the event early due to the “deafening acoustics” at the venue.Hundreds of people were in attendance to see the “ultimate tribute” to the iconic rock veterans, but reports later emerged that the choice of venue led to a “wall of sound” being created, and the songs becoming indistinguishable from one another.According to a report from GB News, tickets to the event were around £40 per person, and numerous attendees claimed they couldn’t tell which song was playing at the Beatles by Candlelight concert.“We had been looking forward to it for weeks, we were really excited.

We thought it would be a really nice evening, but no,” one concertgoer told The Telegraph about the experience. “The noise level was unbelievable.

You could not understand which track they were playing until there were a few breaks in it … my ears were ringing,” they added.“I’m not sure whether it was the acoustics of the cathedral.

I don’t think the band could have been that bad. I feel for them.”The outlet also shared that while some left early, just a “handful of people” returned following the interval.A spokesman for the cathedral has also spoken out on the show, and explained that they are both “disappointed” with how the night went down, and are working “to understand what went wrong”.GB News also highlighted that John Blake, the commercial director of Winchester Cathedral, shared a statement too.

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