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Jodie Whittaker pivots from ‘Doctor Who’ to ‘challenging’ prison drama ‘Time’: ‘Highlights a broken system’
Tamara Lawrance) and Kelsey (“The Last of Us” star Bella Ramsey) — serving time in a British prison for different offenses.Orla enters Carlingford Prison after stealing electricity due to financial hardship; Abi is serving life for killing her baby; and Kelsey is there on a drug-smuggling rap.As the series progresses, viewers learn more about the backstories of the three women, who cope with life behind bars by taking divergent paths.The opening scene sets the stage for what’s to come as the three women are transported to their incarcerated lives in Carlingford.“Orla is in a prison van with no phone, no ability to reach out to anyone and she’s a single parent of three children who’s thrown into a prison system where … the punishment doesn’t meet the crime,” Whittaker, 41, told The Post.“But there is nothing she can do, and that kind of lack of control and claustrophobia is terrifying, but also fascinating to play,” she said. “The cortisol level of Orla exists around a fight or flight mode the entire time, which means she makes good and bad decisions — but it’s like existing in a hurricane in a box.“What’s unique about playing someone like Orla is that she’s played out in real time,” Whittaker said.