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Bartender is sick and tired of 'no ice' request from customers and reveals the 'catch'

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A bartender has sparked debate after sharing a clip where she made an example of a customer who appeared to want more alcohol for free.The bartender, named Jemima June, posts under the username @jemimajune_ on TikTok and recently 'lectured' a customer who thought they would get more alcohol in their drink by asking for 'no ice'.Her post has received more than 8 million views and shows the bartender's response to repeated requests for "no ice" by asking if the customer wants a double shot, writes the Mirror.In the clip, she told him: "Just because you say 'no ice' doesn't mean you're going to get more alcohol.

Double means you're going to get more alcohol."Some commenters felt that the clip was 'rude', as they shared some of the other reasons that you may want to avoid ice.One user said: "I don't like ice on my drinks because I sip it and I don't like the ice melting and watering down my drink."Another user added: "What if his throat hurts and that’s why he’s asking for no ice."A third user said: "When you literally just don’t want your drink getting watery..."Others, however, felt that she did nothing wrong and that they felt as if the customer was angling for some free booze in this situation.

One user said: "The people saying you have an attitude clearly have never worked in the industry! It happens constantly and these customers need to be lectured.""The amount of times I’ve had to deal with this same situation.

They really think no ice means more alcohol - not how that works", said another user.One more user added: "I always use the line 'You gotta pay a little more to get a little more'.

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