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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Hasan Minhaj’s Right to Embellish Stand-Up Stories: Why Would Comics ‘Tell Exactly What Happened? It’s Not That Interesting’

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Zack Sharf Digital News Director Whoopi Goldberg is defending Hasan Minhaj, who has ignited a fierce debate after admitting to embellishing stories in his stand-up routines over the years. “That’s what we do,” Goldberg said on “The View” about the role of the comedian (via Entertainment Weekly). “That’s what we do, we tell stories and we embellish them.” “If you’re gonna hold a comic to the point where you’re gonna check up on stories, you have to understand, a lot of it is not the exact thing that happened because why would we tell exactly what happened?

It ain’t that interesting,” she also said, adding later, “There’s information that we will give you as comics that will have grains of truth, but don’t take it to the bank.

That’s our job, a seed of truth. Sometimes truth and sometimes total BS.” In a story published by The New Yorker on Sept. 15, Minhaj admitted that several stories he has told in stand-up routines over the years were embellished.

One such story involved an anthrax scare his family faced. In his 2022 Netflix comedy special “The King’s Jester,” Minhaj said his daughter came into direct contact with a white powder and had to go to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t anthrax.

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