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The fruit that can boost weight loss by 'mimicking exercise' and help shed '3st in a year'

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Snacking on blackcurrants every day could help you shift three stone in one year by burning as much fat as exercising.In a new study, researchers have found that New Zealand blackcurrant extract can boost fat burning by 60 per cent - and that's while at rest.

This means that the fruit, which is also high in antioxidants, could help adults shift pounds without breaking a sweat.According to professor and lead researcher Mark Willems of the University of Chichester, the "extraordinary" findings show how beneficial the fruit can be to those who carry "excess weight".

The findings focus specifically on the fruit sourced from the country, which are high in anthocyanins.To come to conclusions, researchers tested 16 healthy and active males after they consumed 600mg of the berry extract for 14 days.

After this period, the subjects were examined while at rest and scientists found average fat burning increase was 21 per cent with one individual response of 61 per cent.Three out of four people also improved fat burning capacity during the study, the Mirror reports.

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