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Sergei Loznitsa Drops Trailer for Cannes Premiere ‘The Invasion,’ Talks Stakes of ‘War Between Russia and the Civilized World’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Christopher Vourlias Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa arrives at the Cannes Film Festival this week with his latest documentary, “The Invasion,” worried that the world’s attention has largely drifted from the Ukraine conflict in the two-plus years since Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion.

The film premieres with a special screening May 16. Yet from the movie’s powerful opening sequence, which follows a funeral procession for four soldiers killed in battle, Loznitsa reminds us that the war continues to extract a devastating cost from its victims.

And he also reminds us that his countrymen will continue to fight for their freedom, whether or not the world is watching. “You can see the resilience and at the same time the hatred toward the enemy, and the pain and the trauma and the horror that every person in Ukraine is experiencing,” the director tells Variety. “It becomes obvious that it’s impossible to destroy these people.

These people won’t surrender.” “The Invasion” sees Loznitsa returning to Cannes two years after premiering “The Natural History of Destruction,” an archive documentary about the devastation wrought by aerial bombing in World War II.

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