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Red Velvet Makeup Is Every Bit As Delicious As It Sounds

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and drink (see: and ) as beauty's favorite inspo. Although the latest trending “red velvet makeup” feels like it bridges the two.

The look calls to mind rich red velvet chocolate cakes and soft, plush velvet fabrics in one hit.Just as fashion is getting more layered heading into the colder months (trading out gauzy chiffons and breezy linens for cosy knits, cord, brocade and—you guessed it—velvet), we've seen a return of full coverage, soft statement makeup.

Sheer skin tints and lip oils are making room for some richer textures to shine (or, um, not—as the case may be). Which brings us back to red velvet makeup.Red velvet makeup sees the get a modern makeover with luxe matte or semi-matte formulas that add cosy dimension and glam opulence to makeup.

The texture should be soft, sensorial and (almost) edible.We've seen the trend remixed and tailored to work across a range of looks, from dark merlot reds, to optical illusion ombre reds.

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