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Psychic Chris Fleming claims ghost 'violated' him on haunted Scots prison visit

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Telly psychic Chris Fleming has claimed he was “violated” by a ghost while visiting Stirling’s historic Old Town Jail. The renowned medium was filming for new series Spooked Scotland with Gail Porter when they visited the prison in search of a reported poltergeist.Chris was in a room used 170 years ago for prisoners’ medical exams, when he felt what he described as an “embarrassing” and “not pleasant” experience.

Looking visibly shaken he was forced to flee the room and said he was in no doubt the spirit had carried out the violation in order to make him leave the jail.

American Chris, 54, who previously worked with Gail on the TV show Dead Famous, said: “We were in the room listening to a guide telling their story, when all of a sudden I had this feeling that I can only equate to what it feels like for a man to get a prostate exam. “You see a doctor who puts a glove on and does the exam – that’s exactly what this felt like.

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