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'Bachelor in Paradise': Andrew S. and Teddi Talk Wanting to Meet Each Other on the Beach (Exclusive)

Katie Thurston's season of and Clayton Echard's season of respectively, the duo is excited to meet on .«I've heard that she might be in Paradise and if she is here, then I'd definitely like to talk to her,» Andrew told ET, after making no secret about his crush on Teddi during podcasts appearances and on social media.The interest isn't one-sided, as Teddi told ET, «I hope that Andrew’s here… His personality is definitely the type that I I usually gravitate towards.»Though they're interested in each other, neither Andrew nor Teddi wants to commit to a relationship before they even get down to the beach.«I don't want to put any more pressure on the situation than it already is,» Andrew explained. «I just want to meet very genuinely and [have] no expectations.»«I'm coming in very fresh.

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