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Mrs Hinch fans share 2p hack that banishes limescale from bathroom surfaces

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Mrs Hinch fans have revealed the shiny solution to banishing limescale, after one struggling cleaner failed to scrub it off her shower.The hard, chalky substance is mostly made of calcium carbonate and often appears on bathroom surfaces or any areas that moisture is regularly present.

Now, enthusiasts have revealed their go to method for cleaning limescale off surfaces - and all it takes is a two pence coin.

Followers of the cleaning guru shared the hack to the Mrs Hinch cleaning tips Facebook group after one member asked: "Any tips on how to get what I think is hard limescale off my shower floor/edges?

I’ve tried bicarb and vinegar, and soaking tissue with bleach but no luck."The majority recommended gently rubbing a damp two pence or copper coin against the limescale to remove it."A wet 2p coin and scrap it off.

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