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Man City can enjoy rare watching FFP brief amid 115 charges wait

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Much of the transfer talk across the Premier League in recent days has centred on the unofficial deadline day of June 30. Clubs close to breaching the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability rules (PSR) have been wheeling and dealing over the past week to bring in funds to avoid going over the allowable loss limit, which would risk incurring a charge and a points deduction.

Monday, July 1 represents the start of a new Premier League accounting year, hence the hurry among the likes of Aston Villa, Chelsea, Newcastle United and Everton to conclude business.

But for City, it's a non issue. The Blues generate the most revenues out of any club in the Premier League and also bring in significant money through player sales that keeps their net spend down.

A successful first team and successful academy enable good business, which then helps the first team and academy. ALSO READ: Newcastle, Villa and Chelsea face last minute transfer scramble to replicate City ALSO READ: Man City's dream subs after £140m transfer splurge, Jack Grealish call and Bruno Guimaraes decision This cycle the Blues have created for themselves means they don't have to worry about the PSR scrambles that other teams are chasing ahead of June 30.

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