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The Real-Life ‘Fall Guys’: How a Tight-Knit Stunt Team Pulled off Ryan Gosling’s Death-Defying Scenes

Katcy Stephan SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains light spoilers for stunt sequences from “The Fall Guy,” in theaters now. Leaping from a high-flying helicopter, being engulfed in flames, and rolling a car over eight and a half times—while these heart-stopping moments may be the stuff of nightmares for most, they’re just another day on the job for the daredevil stunt performers at the heart of David Leitch’s “The Fall Guy.” Ryan Gosling’s Colt Seavers is repeatedly put through the wringer in Universal’s action comedy based on the 1980s TV series of the same name. Lucky for the Oscar-nominated actor, a team of pros was there to do the heavy lifting. Logan Holladay, who performed driving stunts (and set a Guinness world record), Ben Jenkin, who willingly got lit on fire and hit by a car, and Troy Brown, who plummeted 150 feet for an epic fall, sat down with Variety to share their experience on “The Fall Guy,” and why the film’s representation of the stunt community is so vital.

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