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‘Landscape With Invisible Hand’ Sundance Review: Aliens Are Humanity’s Economic Overlords In Cory Finley Pic

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Landscape with Invisible Hand is a unique story of survival under economic occupation of the Vuvv, an extraterrestrial race who aim to dominate humanity in every way except violence.

Written and directed by Cory Finley (Bad Education, Thoroughbreds), the innovative, poignant film explores how humanity might handle an Earth-altering alien occupation and the resulting clash between class and commerce.

Based on the book by M.T. Anderson, the film starts with a series of drawings and paintings created by Adam Campbell (Asante Blackk).

His art documents how times have changed over a 10-year period from when he began drawing until he turned 17 in 2036. It depicts life before and during the alien invasion by the Vuvv, who are described as gooey, four-legged, box-shaped aliens with hard, padded limbs that they use as a way to communicate.

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