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John Oliver Explains To O.J. Simpson Why People Keep Asking Him To Comment On Alex Murdaugh Trial

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John Oliver opened Last Week Tonight Sunday by briefly recapping a couple of the biggest headlines of the past week, including the verdict in the trial of Alex Murdaugh who was found guilty of killing his wife and son. “Of all the ill-advised pieces of commentary concerning this blockbuster trial, perhaps no one was less welcome than this,” Oliver said before playing a clip from a video O.J.

Simpson had posted on social media. “A whole lot of people are asking me what I think of this, Alex Murdaugh trial. I don’t know why they think I’m an expert on it,” Simpson says in the video. “Oh, I do.

I do, O.J.,” Oliver responded, giddily. “Because there are exactly two things that you have expertise on in this life, football and murdering wives.

No one’s asking you if you’ll take on Alex Murdaugh’s rushing average so I’m guessing it’s the second one there.” Oliver’s main focus tonight was Florida Governor likely Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, or as he called him, “business Fred Flintstone.” He questioned a number of the controversial new laws DeSantis has pushed through in Florida and also ripped the politician’s treatment of the media.

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