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Is ‘Quiet Thriving’ the New Workplace Trend We Should All Be Channeling?

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By If was your workplace buzzword for 2022, then maybe this year's more optimistic trend—quiet thriving—might just be the positive outlook you need.

By the end of last year, it seemed like we were all quiet quitting something, be it our relationships or our jobs. That is, doing the bare minimum in a situation that you don't believe is serving you or rewarding you in the way you feel you deserve.

But while it's a tempting thought to mentally check out of your job, it can actually have a pretty negative effect on your mood and may even make you feel even more unfulfilled at work.

So, introducing the antithesis to quiet quitting: quiet thriving.Coined by psychotherapist Lelsey Alderman in an article for , the term “quiet thriving” means actively making changes to your work day in order to shift your mental state and help you feel more engaged in your job.As neuroscientist and success coach tells Glamour UK, it isn't really in our nature to do the bare minimum at work. “Let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to just up and quit our jobs when they are causing us distress, even though we might want to,” she says. "We can choose to settle into just getting by and practicing quiet quitting, but this in the long run will not be best for your mental health.” She continues, “We are built to thrive as human beings—we are naturally inquisitive and even if we say we’re happy just doing the bare minimum until something better comes along, deep down we feel that lack of purpose.

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