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‘Interview With the Vampire’ Team on the Finale’s Big Reunion and How Season 3 Will Feel Like It’s Been ‘Taken Hostage By Lestat’

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Hunter Ingram SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers from “And That’s the End of It. There’s Nothing Else,” the Part II finale of “Interview With the Vampire,” now streaming on AMC+. “We held each other’s hands, and we just fucking jumped.” That’s how Jacob Anderson says he and Sam Reid prepared for the climactic reunion between Louis and Lestat in Season 2 finale of AMC’s “Interview With the Vampire.” “I feel really proud of that scene, but that’s honestly what it was like to shoot,” Anderson tells Variety. “It was a nightmare, and then it felt like a bit of magic for one hour of that 14-hour day.” The scene is, quite literally, decades in the making for the estranged vampires, who have not spoken in the 77 years since Louis sentenced Lestat to his own personal hell –– to live forever knowing Louis is loving someone else.

When they meet again, it’s in the middle of a hurricane in New Orleans, inside a dilapidated house that’s barely holding itself together against the raging winds outside.

A destitute Lestat isn’t doing much better inside, until Louis comes bearing the last thing he expected –– gratitude. What changed Louis’ mind?

We will get there. In lieu of a real hurricane, the production approximated the chaotic conditions on set, while Reid and Anderson delivered perhaps the most consequential heart to heart of the series so far, which is based on Anne Rice’s novels.

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