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Gamers vote Lara Croft as the most iconic character in gaming

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Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is the most iconic character in gaming, according to the results of a new poll from BAFTA.Ahead of the 20th BAFTA Games Awards on April 11, the organisation shared a survey to determine the most iconic gaming character of all time.

Over 4,000 people from across the world took part in the survey, and now BAFTA has announced the results.Lara Croft has topped the poll, beating out Mario (who came second) and Sonic, who was voted the fourth most iconic character of all time.In a statement Shelley Blond, the original voice actor for Lara Croft said: “I had no clue when voicing the original Tomb Raider game that it would be such a global phenomenon and neither did Eidos or Core Design.

They had only ever done children’s games before and of course they hoped it would be a success, but I think it went above and beyond any and all expectations.Blond went on to say Croft is a “female Indiana Jones type of character, ballsy and well spoken”.“Lara is very special to me purely because she means so much to the gamers.

I love hearing stories from people around the world who played the game and channelled Lara to escape their bullies or to help them feel stronger when they wanted to come out to their loved ones.

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