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Drivers wearing smartwatches warned of law which could land £1,000 fine

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Smartwatches are a big hit, with lots of people buying them in the last few years. They're great for keeping track of your fitness or just staying in touch with calls and texts.

But they can also be a bit distracting. That's why the car experts at Scrap Car Comparison have given a warning about using your smartwatch while driving.

They found that more than 1 in 10 drivers (13 per cent) often check their watch when they're driving. This could lead to big fines and points on your licence, as well as making it more likely you'll have a bad crash.

According to Rule 149 of the Highway Code, drivers shouldn't use mobile devices like phones or smartwatches while they're driving. Read more: Mum hauled before judge for foul-mouthed drunken tirade after Jet2 flight arrived late This includes things like changing a song, saying no to a call or even just lighting up the screen.

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