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Zara Tindall was 'very surprised' by Prince William's emotional reaction to her

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Prince William was left 'in pieces' during a Zara Tindall event, leaving her 'very surprised'. The Royal cousins, who have been close since childhood, share a strong bond that has extended into their adult lives, often seen in the company of their spouses, Princess Kate and Mike Tindall.In a heartwarming revelation on Mike Tindall's podcast, The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, in September 2023, Prince William confessed to being moved to tears by Zara's victory at the European Championship with her horse Toytown back in 2005. "I was down in Exmoor at the time camping," he recounted."We were all huddling around the phone watching it.

She was there, she was blubbing away, the flag was going up. I was in pieces."Princess Kate chimed in with her memory of the event reports the Mirror, saying: "I can remember because you came back and said I've never been so proud of anyone." Zara, reflecting on the moment months later in an interview with Women's Weekly, expressed her surprise at William's emotional admission: "I've never heard him say that before.

I was very surprised, but one of my absolute favourite occasions was riding at the Olympics and getting a team Silver."All of my cousins came and watched on the final day.

Everyone's usually so busy, it's hard to come and watch, so it was amazing to have everyone there. It made it even more special than it already was.

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