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‘YOLO’ Thrives In Chinese New Year Bow; ‘Wonka’ Nears $600M Worldwide – International Box Office

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The international box office was generally muted this weekend, save for in China which ushered in the Year of the Dragon on Saturday, and with it the lucrative Chinese New Year moviegoing period.

According to early figures from Maoyan, the first two days of Spring Festival 2024 amassed RMB 2.44B ($339M), just a touch below the comparable days in 2023.

Although Maoyan’s Pegasus 2 was tops on Saturday, the first day of the holiday, ultimately it was the Jia Ling CFG/Alibaba inspirational film YOLO that won the weekend with an estimated RMB 804M ($112M/comScore has it slightly lower at $110.4M) across the two-day stretch.

IMAX accounted for $3.6M of that. It often happens that the day-one winner is overtaken on day two. An adaptation of the 2014 Japanese movie 100 Yen Love, YOLO (aka You Only Live Once) centers on Le Ying (Jia), an unemployed woman in her 30s who still lives with her parents until one day, she meets a boxing coach who may just change her life.

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