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Owner of takeaway stormed by Home Office in "heavy handed" raid forced to close up

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A takeaway boss has said he was forced to close his business after frightened staff quit following a mob-handed raid by officers from Immigration Enforcement.We reported on Friday that 14 officers stormed Kebabish takeaway in Oban, interrogating four workers.The men were arrested before being taken away in vans for further questioning, before three were “de-arrested” as they were working legally.

A fourth man was taken to a detention centre in Glasgow.Business owner Shaukat Chaudhry says the men, from Pakistan, all have the required visas and permits to work for him.But Chaudhry, 55, who owns Mondo restaurant next door to the takeaway, said yesterday both businesses have now been forced to close as staff fear working there.He said: “Six full-time staff and three part-time staff from the takeaway and the restaurant have now left because they were terrified.“There is only my brother and the tandoori chef, who has a UK passport, left – you can’t run a business on that.”The young man who was detained was served with a notice claiming his visa was for him to work as a tandoori chef but he had been seen working at the front counter, so was in breach of his permit.Chaudhry, who has invested heavily in his businesses in the last five years, said the Certificate of Sponsorship he had submitted clearly detailed the detained man as a kitchen operative manager, a job which entails working in different areas.He said: “He told them he is a kitchen manager but the man has been told he has no right of appeal.

But even if someone is a chef, if they are not doing anything, what is wrong with them taking an order? If you go to other places, a manager can move about.”The businessman, who has worked in Oban since 2007, added: “The other

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