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Gang of thugs played 'Russian roulette' with man's life as they kicked and stamped on him

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A gang of thugs "played Russian roulette with the life” of a man when they viciously attacked him in a city centre brawl. Curtis Brooks, Owen Gallagher, Raheem Gordon and Jahvan Newland-Redmond broke the jaw of the victim in two places and kicked and stamped on as he lay defenceless on the floor.

A judge told the four men “it was nothing short of a miracle” they had not killed or seriously injured the man after they turned on him as he filmed a separate fight they had become involved in outside a nightclub in Stoney Street Nottingham Post reports in a victim impact statement, the man told how he suffers flashbacks from the incident and is too scared to go out in case he comes across them again.

Jailing the foursome, Judge Michael Auty KC said: “On the evening of August 22, 2021, the victim went into Nottingham city centre, as he was perfectly entitled to do.

He did not drink any alcohol and at 2am, when he did nothing more than go outside the nightclub to vape, he saw a large fight. “He noticed someone hitting another person with a belt and was not involved in any violence at all and there can be no suggestion that he was.

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