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Disgraced YouTuber Colleen Ballinger addresses ‘really embarrassing’ ukulele apology after grooming allegations

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posted a YouTube video for the first time in four months, since her infamous ukulele apology video went viral in June. In a new video titled “fall vlog,” Ballinger said, “Obviously, the last video that I posted on here is really embarrassing…I was being accused of some pretty awful things and I just was mad.

I should have handled that situation with maturity and empathy, but instead I just let my ego take over and I’m really disappointed in myself.”Ballinger was referring to a video she posted in which she played the ukulele and sang her way through addressing grooming allegations.

At the time, she was responding to accusations by YouTuber Adam McIntyre, 20, who first claimed in a 2020 YouTube video that Ballinger allegedly formed an inappropriate personal friendship with him while he was 13 to 16 years old.He alleged Ballinger sent him lingerie, gave him access to her social media and exchanged text messages with him for years.In June, McIntyre uploaded another YouTube video, “my relationship with colleen ballinger,” in which he accused her of “grooming” him and other teenagers in the 2010s.In her June video addressing these accusations, titled “hi,” Ballinger strummed the ukulele while saying in a sing-song voice, “Some people are saying things about me that just aren’t true.

Even though my team has strongly advised me not to say what I’m going to say, I realized they never said I couldn’t sing about what I want to say.”“This is the most insanely out of touch ‘apology’ video ever.

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