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Becky G reveals the impact panic attacks had on her and how she manages anxiety

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Becky G is traveling across the United States with her tour “Mi Casa, Tu Casa.” Although the 26-year-old singer, actress, and businesswoman is known worldwide for her powerful vocals and impressive stage presence, the Mexican-American star revealed it hasn’t always been easy.“There was many moments before going on to a stage, I mean, we’re talking full-blown tears, can’t breathe,” the singer revealed on the wellness podcast On Purpose With Jay Shetty.Becky, known for her hits “Singing in the Shower,” “Sin Pijama,” and “MAMIII,” recently released her third album, Esquinas. “If you’ve had a panic attack, you know, the world is ending,” she shared, adding, “There’s also this subconscious part of you that’s like, ‘Girl, breathe.

Just breathe. You know what this is.’ But your nervous system can’t tell the difference between the mental bear and the real bear that’s in the room.

And there’s no bears in the room. So, like, chillax.”Becky G pays heartfelt tribute to Selena Quintanilla during her ‘Mi Casa, Tu Casa’ stop in NYCBecky G unveils the cover of her upcoming album, ‘Esquinas’Becky G unveils anticipated third album ‘Esquinas’: A celebration of cultural fusion“I didn’t know that was my body physically telling me ‘Something’s wrong.

You’re not okay but because you’re scared to let other people down, you’re scared of what other people might say, [so] you push through anyways.’”“‘Oh yeah, I just have anxiety and depression, it’s normal.

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