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'A Family Affair' Director Reveals Huge Zac Efron Scene That Was Largely Scrapped, Explains Why

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Zac Efron takes center stage in his new Netflix rom-com A Family Affair. However, there is one fun scene that was almost totally cut from the movie.

If you were unaware, the actor plays a movie star named Chris Cole in the project. During an opening segment director Richard LaGravenese used some archival footage of the real star’s career to set up Chris’ character.

One clip included is a fabricated Hot Ones interview with the real host Sean Evans. However, it turns out that Zac and Sean actually shot an entire interview in character. Richard explained why the scene got cut from the movie. Keep reading to find out more… Speaking to The Wrap, Richard said that he was “sorry” that the scene got cut. “We had originally shot a full episode of the ‘Hot Ones,’ which I’m sorry we don’t get to show, which was a full interview that Sean and and Zac did together that was filled with a lot of funny improvs and things like that,” he said. Richard continued, saying, “It was really fun.

We had four cameras, and the two of them just went at it, like over and over. It was really fun to film, Sean was delightful.

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