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20 Best Socks on Amazon for All Kinds of Activities

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or . But what if we told you that it’s worth paying a little more attention to what you’re putting on your feet?The —be it a non-slip, or a —will not only keep you more comfortable throughout the day, but they’ll also ensure foot health, especially if you have excessively sweaty feet.

That’s because the dampness that lingers on the skin inside your shoes can cause germs like bacteria and fungi to grow, says board-certified podiatrist , of Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center.

Wet skin is also more prone to painful , which can lead to blisters and, in extreme cases, infection, he adds.Luckily, there are tons of great socks to show your feet the TLC they deserve, whether you prefer basic organic cotton styles or are looking for something super-specific like merino wool dress socks or for pregnancy.

The bad news? All of the contenders for the best socks on Amazon can quickly lead to decision paralysis.So we did the work for you, scouting Amazon for the best of the bunch in every category.

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